Enabling Trivia Alex

To enable Trivia Alex for Amazon Echo:

  1. Visit alexa.amazon.com or open the Alexa companion app
  2. Select 'Skills' From the menu on the left
  3. Locate 'Trivia Alex' and press 'Enable'
  4. Say 'Alexa open Trivia Alex' on your Echo to start a new game

Starting A New Game

You can launch a new game by saying 'Alexa, Ask Trivia Alex to start a new game'

To start playing follow prompts from your Amazon Echo, Use phrases such as 'Three Players' to tell Alex how many people are currently playing

Playing The Game

Once Alex has all the players names the game will begin with Alex hosting you through a series of multiple choice questions. To answer a question, respond to Alex by saying the corresponding number to your answer.

For example to answer you can say 'Answer Number One' or simply say 'One'. Alex will keep score until one player has reached a total of five points.

Get Current Scores

Want to know who is currently winning your game?

During any point while playing Trivia Alex, you can say 'What Is The Score'. Alex will read each player's current score, before continuing the game.

Didn't Hear the Question?

Did you miss hear the question or want to hear the answers read again?

After the question and answers have been read, you can say 'Repeat Question' prior to saying the number to the corresponding answers. Alex will repeat the last question and answers to you.

Want to Continue Playing Later?

In the middle of a game and need to stop for awhile?

While playing Trivia Alex, you can say 'Stop Playing'. The game will be paused, you can continue playing the your game by saying 'Alex, Open Trivia Alex'