About Trivia Alex

Trivia Alex is a fun multiple-choice trivia game to play at home with up to 4 people and your host Alex. It includes over 300 questions from the world of pop culture, history, sports, literature, and more.

To start, say “Alexa, Open Trivia Alex” and you’ll be walked through setting up a new game. Then Trivia Alex will start asking multiple-choice questions of the players. To answer, say the corresponding number of the answer. If you didn't hear the question, say "Repeat question.” The first person to correctly answer 5 questions is the winner. New questions are being added all the time!

Enabling Trivia Alex

To enable Trivia Alex for Amazon Echo:

  1. Visit alexa.amazon.com or open the Alexa companion app
  2. Select 'Skills' From the menu on the left
  3. Locate 'Trivia Alex' and press 'Enable'