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Jerrid Sebesta walked away from a successful TV career, spanning 12 years and two top-20 markets to go dream-chasing. Jerrid believes life is way too short not to be focused intentionally on the things we want, pursuing them with tenacity and striving to leave a legacy. On Two-Week Notice, Jerrid talks to fellow dream-chasers - people who left their jobs for more fulfilling endeavors - to find out what motivates them, how they planned their leap of faith, and how others can follow suit.

s2, ep.10: Stay a Step Ahead of Your Circumstances

Preparation is key! John Pimental started piecing an aviation career together long before his job as a P.E. teacher went dry. Being laid off didn't spiral him and his family into a season of despair, but rather propelled (no pun intended) into a new and exciting career. Hear how he prepared financially which position him to take the leap into being a commercial airline pilot.