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We're Anthony, Brad, and Chris. We're fathers, and we're overwhelmed. Three Men with Babies is a look into the chaotic lives of three guys who work in sports talk by day, change diapers by night, and are trying to not suck at both. This fatherhood thing is hard!

Ep. 49 - Sympathy Weight, Toilet Songs, and Famous Dads

A year into this thing, we're looking back at the struggles, happy moments, struggles, rewarding experiences, and struggles that come with being a dad.
Here's the rundown:
1:00 If you could model yourself as a famous TV father, who would it be?
4:00 Anthony wins the sympathy weight gain game, if that's considered a win.
13:30 Singing Jingle Bells on the toilet; the most dad moment you've ever had
20:00 How long until you bailed on the organic foods and just threw hot dogs at the kids?