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TWiT 627: Do You Inkwell?

This Week in Tech (MP3)

Leo, Ashley Esqueda, Michael Nunez, and Dylan Tweney debunk the "Google Memo." Mark Zuckerberg still refuses to admit he is running for president. If you use Instagram's "Inkwell" filter, you are probably depressed. Google is taking over the open internet. An MIT Algorithm can tell if you are sarcastic on Twitter. HBO hack fallout. Phishing the White House. Podcast patent troll loses to EFF. Email Patent Troll vs Techdirt. Snap stock down after Facebook/Instagram copies all their best features. Forget everything you know about passwords. Hacking computers with DNA.
  • Ashley Esqueda knows about the secret island where we are raising Leo Laporte clones.
  • Dylan Tweney would prefer that you not use a Valley Girl accent when talking about his company.
  • Michael Nunez is feeling kind of sweaty right now.

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Ashley Esqueda, Dylan Tweney, and Michael Nuñez

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