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The Merriweather Council podcast, hosted by Danielle Spurge, is all about celebrating the reality of gainful self employment through craft. This is a podcast for art and design entrepreneurs - makers, etsy sellers and shopify users! Featuring tips, insights, advice and tough love for handmade business owners in concise format. Focused on sharing realistic ideas and personal experiences with the nuances of handmade business in mind. If you are working to turn your crafty tendencies into profits, tune in every Tuesday and Thursday.

Episode 41: Summer Send Off, Season Two Finale

Friends, can you believe another season of merri podcast has come and gone? I'm so thankful to my faithful listeners and in this episode I'm sharing some facts and stats on season 2 that you helped make possible! Thank you so much for listening and sharing. Can't wait to get to work on season 3 for you!

As we head into summer I want to share these resources with you!

First I want to make sure we are staying in touch. Best ways to do that:

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For your business betterment this summer season:

The unSLUMP Guide - my seven step strategy for overcoming the sales slump

My Etsy Training Course (on sale as we speak through 6.30!) 

Have a fabulous summer and definitely be sure to keep in touch!