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Feraferian Lammas Summary Report with Jo Carson

On Thursday August 10th, 2017 the Hermetic Hour with co-hosts Poke

Runyon and Lady Jo Carson of Feraferia will recap last week's wonderful

Feraferian power weekend at Rivendell. It began on Thursday evening with our

previous broadcast of the Hermetic Hour then Friday evening we did

advanced Feraferia initiations at Rivendell Henge and Temple for five

candidates, this was followed by the Lammas (lughnasad) ceremony in the

henge in which we invoked the Goddess Aphrodite for over thirty-five

O.T.A. and Feraferian members and their guests. Some came from as far

away as North Carolina to attend along with Feraferian and O.T.A. elders

from the early days in the 1960s and 70s. This was a wonderful reunion

and reconnection with the old and new. Rivendell seemed the perfect

local for such a happy event. And we are already planning a Beltane here

next May. Once again Lady Jo Carson, President of Feraferia will be our

guest host as we recap our adventure and discuss what we have planned in

the future. So, tune in join us ( we have the echo problem corrected so

the sound is fine now) Hear us on Thursday, Evoe Kore! Good Magick!