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The Good Dad Project is a movement. It is a strong community of Fathers who all share a set of values.
Larry Hagner, founder of the Good Dad Project, breaks down common challenges of fatherhood, making them easy to understand and overcome. Tackling the world of Fatherhood can be a daunting task when we try to do it alone.
The mission of The Good Dad Project is to help you become the best, strongest, and happiest version of yourself so that you can help guide your kids to the best version of themselves. Simple as that.

#DoEpicShit – Sharing Amazing Experiences with Your Kids

In this week's Thursday Throwdown, I'm following up on my show Why It’s Time to Do Epic Shit TODAY. I got a great response from that episode. Listeners have been posting pictures of the epic things they are doing with their kids and tagging it with #DoEpicShit. Sharing amazing experiences with our family doesn't have to be complicated. Hikes, camping in the back yard, getting pedicures with daughters–we just need to step out of the normal routine and connect to make a lasting memory. Today I talk about an epic experience I shared with my two older sons and how I marked that experience by writing them a letter and reading it to them. For the show notes, links, and the video mentioned in this episode CLICK HERE.