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REALITY BYTES is a podcast about love in the 10s, hosted by Courtney Kocak & a rotating cast of friends & produced in partnership with JASH. Check back for fresh episodes exploring sex, relationships & dating in the digital age all summer long!

Jackie Kashian on Meeting Her Now-Husband Online, Dork Love & Larping as Treatment for Sexual Trauma

REALITY BYTES is a show about sex, love, relationships & dating in the digital age, hosted by Courtney Kocak & produced in partnership with JASH. The 22nd episode of season 2 features hilarious standup comic & OG podcaster (The Dork Forest, Nerdist's The Jackie & Laurie Show) Jackie Kashian on growing up in Wisconsin, dating fellow standup comedians, meeting her now-husband online, marrying her 1st serious boyfriend, trying to be gay & larping as treatment for sexual trauma.

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