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Hosted by Tom J Deters (Chris Hardwick & Matt Mira’s trainer). His goal is to inspire, motivate & educate the listener on ways to become more Pro You in their lives. He will encourage the listeners by sharing his perspective on being mindful, maintaining balance in one’s life through consistency & becoming the best version of themselves. He will provide tools & concepts to help create a lifestyle that is about feeling better, being healthier & building confidence. He is passionate about affecting others & Tom looks forward to guiding & supporting his listeners on this journey.

For there is nothing either good or bad...

But thinking makes it so. Yes, Shakespeare, my Pro You People, Shakespeare! That's how Tom is rolling on today's episode of Pro You Podcast. One of Tom's favorite quotes (next to "What you can be you must be." - Abraham Maslow). He has been trying to walk his Pro You Path with "nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so." and Tom is proving it true everyday in every way. It is a battle. It takes a very long time. And that is exactly why 1.) Tom does what he does 2.) why he is repetitive and 3.) what he is trying to get people to buy into, embrace, and OWN by deeming themselves worthy of whatever it takes! If one pretended that everything that happened was planned, imagine the time and energy saved from not wondering, worrying, and just being present in your life's Pro You path.  You could move forward efficiently and purposefully.

*Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. Any user of the exercise program assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing the exercise. You should always speak to your doctor before you change, start or stop any part of your healthcare plan, including physical activity or exercise.*