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This podcast presents various topics around money and careers in a fun and lighthearted setting. The host, Shannon McLay, is a successful entrepreneur, author, and personal finance expert with a passion for helping people get and stay financially fit. In each episode, Shannon will share a martini (or something similar) with friends and experts while discussing money and career topics.

How to Shrink the Gender Pay Gap, with Allegra

Financial Gym teammate and salary negotiation expert Allegra joins us again to talk about negotiating. At the gym we are constantly working with clients to optimize their financial picture. One half of the work is around their expenses and making sure they’re spending appropriately for their goals, but the second half is on making more money. The easiest way you can make more money is negotiating for it – whether through a new job or in your existing job. Allegra and I are going to talk about some best practices and share some really powerful stories to help motivate and inspire you to negotiate for more. Cheers!

If you need help with negotiating and finding ways to make more money, reach out to my team at the Financial Gym. You can schedule a free call, and possibly even chat with Allegra, to find out more. No matter where you are, my financial trainers can help you get where you want to go. Head over to or send friends to to sign up today!