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Rob Reiner Talks Movies, Politics, & Presidents LBJ to Trump

Director Rob Reiner talks about his new film LBJ and how his own view of President Lyndon Johnson has changed since he was a young man of draft age during the Vietnam War.  He shares some favorite LBJ legends and talks about the evolution of Johnson as a civil rights warrior.  He discusses growing up in showbusiness, his father Carl Reiner's remarkable energy at 95, and the time a very young Rob Reiner got in trouble for grabbing Mary Tyler Moore's ass on the set of his dad's show.  Plus Rob weighs in on President Trump, the Russia investigation, healthcare, and whether he could get used to the words "President Meathead" in 2020.

Mark your calendars for his latest film LBJ which comes out this Nov 3, and follow Rob Reiner on Twitter at @RobReiner.

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