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HEROES in Business cracks the code, sharing secrets on what makes a hero. Spotlighting heroes who invent, innovate, and inspire are interviewed by David Cogan, founder of Eliances "The Place Where Entrereneurs Align."

Storage Wars TV Star, AZ State Treasurer, 1800 Got Junk founder, CEO Driven Brands 2Billion

The Heroes in Business show with Eliances founder, David Cogan, unmasks heroes with Dan Dotson from Storage Wars reality TV Show, the Arizona State Treasurer and President Donald Trump's AZ right-hand man Jeff DeWitt, 1800 Got Junk founder Brian Scudamore, and the CEO of the $2Billion Driven Brands like Maaco, Jose Costa. First David discovers the secrets of storage auctioneering from the star of Storage Wars himself Dan Dotson who talks about the first time he ever took the microphone at an auction. Overcoming fear was the name of the game and lead him on the path to where he is now with a hit TV reality show that looks at things left behind. Next David talks with AZ State Treasurer Jeff DeWitt who was there on stage with Donald Trump when he gave his acceptance speech for his successful Presidential campaign of which DeWitt was a strong supporter and does the right thing in Arizona as State Treasurer. Got Junk? Brian Scudamore knows what to do with it. He discusses with David about the chance observation in a McDonald's parking lot that started him in his business that now includes a handful of successful franchises in the home utility industry. Finally David talks with Jose Costa who heads up the $2Billion Driven Brands which includes such well-known companies as Maaco, Econo Lube and Tune and others. They chat about authenticity in leadership and the key to happiness and keeping grounded in a hectic world.