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The Fan Bros Show are the Multicultural Maestros. Fan Bros discusses the week in geek while keeping an ear to the street for the topics and controversies that affect the world of fandom--all from the perspective of people of color.

Show hosts DJ BenHaMeen and Tatiana King Jones serve as the cultural guides for this unique show, along with a revolving cast of guests that run the gamut of industries--from hip hop and politics, to comics, movies, television and video games.

FanBros is part of the LoudSpeakers Network ( and is published every week on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Google Play Music, and iHeartRadio.

Visit for more greatness. Email us at: contact at fanbros dot com

Self Care For SuperHeroes

Self Care For Superheroes, because sometimes we all need to take a step back and relax and breathe. So take a second and join BenHaMeen and Tatiana King as they discuss ways to relax, answer some of the geekquently asked questions and all the usual segments that you know and love.