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How to Reclaim Energy, Creativity, & Willpower| Barry Michels, Psychotherapist, Bestselling Author "The Tools"

Do you struggle to set aside time for yourself? Do you have a hard time not giving in when your child throws a tantrum? How about controlling your anger or unhealthy eating habits? Hollywood’s A-List psychotherapist BARRY MICHELS helps host ELLIE KNAUS address these mama issues and more. Go to for more about Barry Michels and Phil Stutz groundbreaking work “The Tools: 5 Tools to Help You Find Courage, Creativity, and Willpower--and Inspire You to Live Life in Forward Motion” and their brand new book "Coming Alive: 4 Tools to Defeat Your Inner Enemy, Ignite Creative Expression & Unleash Your Soul’s Potential” (Penguin Random House, August 22, 2017).  

Stay tuned for Part II of our conversation in September.

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