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You can afford anything, but not everything. We make daily decisions about how to spend money, time, energy, focus and attention – and ultimately, our life. Every decision is a trade-off against another choice.

But how deeply do we contemplate these choices? Are we settling for the default mode? Or are we ruthlessly optimizing around a deliberate life?

Host Paula Pant interviews a diverse array of entrepreneurs, early retirees, millionaires, investors, artists, adventurers, scientists, psychologists, productivity experts, world travelers and regular people, exploring the tough work of living a truly excellent life.

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#090: Ask Paula -- I'm Tired of Paying Rent. Should I Buy a House?

Curious about real estate investing?

I'm rocking the microphone solo on today's episode, tackling the rental property questions that you -- the listeners -- have asked.

Rachel from the Ozarks asks: I'm inspired to start investing in real estate. I live in the Ozarks region, and the cap rates around here are fantastic. However, the online reviews for local property management companies are consistently terrible. What should I do if I can't find a good property manager?

Daan from Malaysia asks: I'm a Dutch national who plans to be a global nomad for the next 10-15 years. I live in Malaysia at the moment, and I plan to continually travel internationally for my work. Many people in Asia are investing in real estate; do you have any recommendations for choosing investments abroad?

A caller who wants to stay anonymous asks: I live in Denver and I'm tired of paying rent. I'd like to buy a house and eventually collect rental income from it, as well. But I'm having trouble saving enough money for a downpayment. Should I just give up? What should I do?

Tom asks: I own land free-and-clear. Should I build on that land? Or should I buy a property that already exists?

Finally, I tell the story of my most recent bout of lifestyle inflation. It involves sleeping in the back of my car. :-)

Enjoy! - Paula

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