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Season 7, Episode 5 - In C'est La Vie

Welcome back to A STORM OF SPOILERS for Season 7 of Game of Thrones!

Dave, Joanna, and Neil are ready to talk SEASON 7 EPISODE 5 "EASTWATCH"

This week, we feel we should say we really do like this show...but...we're in our final place-setting episode of Season 7 this week, which means some oddly rushed conclusions and some very quick travel. Some of this is working, some isn't. In THE CALM (spoiler free) we wonder if Lyanna Stark could have bypassed this entire war, we re-cap some family trees, and mention the Tolkien of it all. Then, in THE STORM (spoilers), we start to debate things about the end game, because there's only so much left. Will anyone besides Dany be a prophesieddragon-rider before it's all over?

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00:00:00 - Intro/Reviews/Send A Raven

00:24:37 - THE CALM (No Spoilers)

00:59:45 - THE STORM (Spoilers)

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