Version 1.0 Release Notes -- NOW AVAILABLE!

New Features

After a successful launch and stable release of Pod Buddy version 0.7.x, version 1.0.x marks the first addition of new features. I've received a lot of feedback since launching in December and I wanted to get some of the most requested features built into Pod Buddy. These notes will outline the new features that will be made available when Pod Buddy Version 1.0 is certified by Amazon.

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Shuffle Podcast

Not sure what episode of a podcast you want to listen to? Now you can ask Pod Buddy to play a random epsidoe and Pod Buddy will grab a random episode of the podcast and start playing it. Shuffling also supports the new Continious Play.

Alexa, Ask Pod Buddy to play a random episode of This American Life
Alexa, Ask Pod Buddy to shuffle The Joe Rogan Expereince

Skipping/Forwarding Podcast

Listening to a podcast and realize you've heard this one before you can now skip to the next episode by asking Alexa play the next episode

You can now also skip ahead in a currently playing podcast by asking Pod Buddy to forward a given number and duration. Supported durations are (seconds/minutes/hours)

Alexa, Next
Alexa, Skip

Alexa, ask Pod Buddy to fast forward thirty seconds
Alexa, ask Pod Buddy to skip ahead five minutes
Alexa, ask Pod Buddy to go forward one hour
**Note for going forward in a currently playing episode you MUST say ask Pod Buddy or else Alexa will not understand the request

Continuously Play Podcast

When listening to a podcast with Pod Buddy you can now contious playback of the next episode. When the current episode you're listening finishes, Pod Buddy will queue up and start playing the next episode. If you are playing the most recent episode Pod Buddy will move to the next episode in order of release. When shuffling a podcast, Pod Buddy will play another random episode. Pod Buddy will play up to 10 episodes continuously.

**Note This feature does not currently supported when a podcast is started by searching by a guest, keyword or playing a specific episode

Playing a Specific Episode

Know the specific episode number of a podcast you want to listen to? Pod Buddy has added better support to identifying and playing a specific episode of a podcast.

Alexa, ask Pod Buddy to play episode eight hundred and ninety of The Joe Rogan Experience
Alexa, ask Pod Buddy to play episode number six hundred and seven of This American Life

**Note This feature does require that the podcast owner includes the episode number in either the title or description of the episode